Dublin Contemptibles is an independent, crowd-funded event that showcases excellence in creativity and gives a platform to those who like to blur boundaries.

Dublin Contemptibles first took place in 2011 as an ad-hoc fringe event to Dublin Contemporary. 5 solo exhibitions took place in bio.space 033 over the course of 5 weeks, under the theme of ‘Irreverence’ (see our ‘Virtual Exhibitions’ page).

This September, Dublin Contemptibles goes truly multi-disciplinary, expands to part of Dublin’s Market Quarter and unveils the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of gentrification… as seen by some of Ireland’s best creatives.

Dublin Contemptibles is curated by a secret panel of practitioners with international experience in visual & plastique arts, music, design, media, academics and public engagement.

Launch date: Thursday 13th September @6pm in bio.space 033.

The Contemptibles

Event Director: Emmanuelle Marion

Event Coordination: Martina McDonald

Communications Coordination: Jonathan Carcone

Dublin Contemptibles  and bio.space 033 are solutions brought to you by d.ploy, “tough on creativity, tough on the causes of creativity”.