ReCapitalise Tir na nOg @Culture Night

when? Friday 21st September 6-7pm
where? Main festival venues location (deko’s club, 36 Charles St West)
Event will be followed by a drinks reception in the Legal Eagle Pub

At a time when money is more than ever ruling the world, Cork artist Elaine Garde has created a whole new world to escape from corporate control and reclaim ownership of our lives.

‘Land and Gold are both synonymous with wealth, they have both been exploited by greed and have been the backdrop to the divided world we now live in’ says Elaine. That is why she created  ‘portals’ -toolkits to reach ‘true abundance’, containing from GPS coded maps to an alternative currency: the Golden Acorn Earth Bonds.

For Culture Night @dc2: Gentrify THIS! Elaine will first expose her conceptual process embedded in  the symbolic of spirituality and mythology. She will then take you out to the streets to give you a taster of the Tir na nOg project and reclaim one of Dublin’s public spaces thanks to her toolkit.

Watch out NAMA & IMF, you’re not alone anymore!


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